Thursday, April 4, 2013


Wispa, a diminutive teal dragon, peered out of the entrance to the cave to see if the metal-covered humans were still waiting for her. All was quiet. She sighed with relief as she stepped out of her cave into the stillness of the late afternoon. The humans had her trapped for three days. She was tired of eating leftover bear and berries, and needed to stretch her legs.
As Wispa made her way to the lake for a refreshing swim, she heard the sound of a young human crying. Wispa cautiously made her way closer towards the sound.
In a clearing, a young girl with long blonde hair and a fancy white dress was sitting on the grass with tears running down her pretty little face. All around her were flowers she'd picked as she wandered deeper into the forest.
Wispa wasn't sure what to do. If she left her there, a bear or bobcat would eat her. While humans had never been nice to her she couldn't let this child face that fate. Or she could approach the child and bring her home. That is if the child didn't panic and run away.
She watched the child while she tried to decide what to do. Her stomach rumbled, startling the child.
“What’s there?” the child demanded. “I’m a princess. My father will kill you if you hurt me!”
Wispa nearly laughed at that. As if they would ever find enough of her to know what killed her if a wild animal got her. She knew it was now or never and stepped into the clearing.
The girl screamed. “Help! Help!”
The dragon waved her hands at the girl, to try to get her to calm down and stop screaming but instead it made her scream even more and back away from her. Suddenly the child jumped up and attacked Wispa.
“Go away! Leave me alone!” the child yelled at her and kicked her over and over.
Wispa cried out as the child stomped on her foot and fire spewed from her mouth, setting the child on fire. The child fell back as her dress quickly went up in flames and the child died.
“Well, I guess that decides that,” Wispa thought to herself then reached down and broke off the child’s arm. She sat on a nearby stump and ate the perfected flame broiled meat from the bones. When she finished eating, she burped loudly then started back to the lake for her swim.

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