Monday, October 30, 2017

Midnight Snack

I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of something sharp tapping on glass. When you live in the city with no trees around and on the 15th floor, the sound is a bit concerning.

I looked over, there was a young girl on a broom, soaked to the skin from the rain storm. Her cat was faring no better. I opened the window and helped her in.

"Helluva night to be out flying," I said.

"Helluva night to be stupid enough to open your window," a deep voice replied as the young girl shape-shifted into a green slimy monster. He opened his mouth then swallowed me whole.

I struggled inside his mouth as I felt the jagged edges of his inner set of teeth press against my skin.

"Daddy?" a young voice cried out from the doorway.

"Dessert!" The monster laughed and stepped towards the child.

"Not today!" I punched and kicked the monster over and over until he opened his mouth. I forced my way out then punched and kicked him until he dropped to the floor.

I was breathing heavily as I dripped slime all over my new shag carpet. I looked at my foster daughter and smiled. "Go back to bed, sweetie."

I watched as she went down the hall then looked back down at the dying monster. No one was going to be eating her but me.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Heavenly Entrails

Billy loved sifting through warm entrails. It was his favorite part about working at the meat processing plant. He even dreamed about swimming in their wonderful gooeyness.

One day he got the idea to drain the big vat at work and use it like a pool. They were closed for Independence Day; it would be the perfect time.

He snuck into the plant. He worked quickly and soon had everything ready. Billy dove in head first. He was in heaven.
When they found him dead from drowning the next morning, the foreman told police, “I never sausage a horrible sight.”