Saturday, September 4, 2010


Justin pulled his hair then slammed his head against the wall. “Get them out!”

“Get what out?” Dr. Holtz asked.

“I can feel them moving!”

“Feel what moving?”

“Damnit! You’re too late!” Justin screamed as he scraped his skin. It rippled with the movement of the newly hatched bugs.

Dr. Holtz blanched as hundreds of cockroaches burst through Justin’s skin.

He called for an orderly to remove the body.

Later Dr. Holtz reported, “Subject died after the hatching. Capsule formula is effective with high bug survival rate. No further testing needed. Will dispatch to the prison camp tomorrow.”

The Bra Bandit

“Don’t move or scream.” A tall, thin masked man was standing next to her car. He was holding a knife.

She had already started to hand him her purse. He pushed it away.

“Give me your bra.”

“My what?”

“Your bra. Give it to me now.”

He stepped closer, pressing her against the car. He slashed open her shirt. He tore the fabric away as he slashed open the bra. Fake breasts fell to the ground.

“What the?” the bandit said then looked up at the male undercover cop.

“You have the right to remain silent.”