Sunday, October 8, 2006

Crop Dusting

“She’s ready to go Zharnth.”


Mitch helped the odd-shaped pilot climb into the cockpit then went through the safety checks with him. The pilot pulled on an oxygen mask and headed down the runway.

Mitch watched as the crop duster opened its hatches and started spraying pesticide. He started to choke and his body stiffened. The paralysis had set in.

Zharnth looked over his shoulder and watched the airplane mechanic fell to the ground. He reached for his communicator.

“Mission Pest Control is underway. Earth should be clear for clean-up in a few hours.”

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Spider's Revenge

Exhausted after spending hours destroying arachnids in Spider’s Revenge on his computer, Tom headed to bed.

Something skittered in the dark.

“Who’s there?”

No answer.

Tom heard a snarl.


Suddenly he felt a painful prick on his arm then several more. He looked down and saw dozens of spiders.

A sinister laugh came from behind. He turned and the giant spider leader from the game leapt at him. He screamed as the spider wrapped its furry legs tightly around him and licked its lips.

The spider whispered, “Now it’s your turn to die.”

Saturday, July 29, 2006


“3 … 2 … 1 … you are now in a deep sleep.” The hypnotist’s voice was level, almost monotone. “The date is March 24, 1973. What is happening?”

Suddenly I was a toddler again. “Mommy is really grumpy and has been packing a suitcase. Daddy is waiting impatiently. Yay! Grandma just arrived!”

 “Mommy and Daddy left. They said they were going to the hospital,” I answered nervously.

“Why are they going there?”

“I don’t know.” I tensed then paused. “The phone is ringing … Daddy wants to talk to me.”

“Well?” he asked anxiously. 

“I have a sister!”

Friday, July 21, 2006

The Pile Up

“All units respond to a 40 car pile up on 95 South.”

Police, fire and ambulance squads raced to the scene. Fire, blood, and mayhem filled the highway. News copters hovered overhead.

“What happened?” the officer asked the driver.

“I was just driving along when suddenly it was there,” she sobbed.

“What was there?”

“I braked then swerved,” the woman continued, fixated. “I closed my eyes and heard a thud.”

“What were you trying to avoid?” the officer asked impatiently.

“I saw it bounce into the other lane.”

“Saw what?!”

She looked at the officer then blushed. “A pigeon.”