Tuesday, April 2, 2013

And Life Goes On

Quack! Quack! Quack!
The ducks on the pond were making a terrible racket and sounded like they were terrified of something. I dropped my laundry basket and ran down to see what the fuss was all about. My prized fowl were attacking something that was swimming around on the other side of the pond.
I couldn’t quite make out what it was as it climbed out the the water. The hairy beast had many wounds from the duck attacks and was bleeding profusely. I pulled out my duck whistle and called to my flock. They ignored me as they continued to attack the beast.
I ran towards the creature, which was standing on two legs and walking like a human but slightly ape-like at the same time, but the some of the ducks broke away and prevented me from getting closer. On the shore I could see several broken eggs and one of the female ducks lying on the ground, not moving.
The beast fell to its knees, trying to swat at the ducks as they continued to attack. Suddenly, a rabbit hopped out of the forest and morphed into a beautiful woman -- a banshee. The ducks quieted and formed an arc around the two. The banshee bent over the animal and rested her hand on its body until it fell in a lifeless lump on the shore.
I watched as the banshee collected the beast’s soul then disappeared into the forest.
When she was gone, I rushed over to collect the dead female duck. The other ducks followed me as I carried it to the animal graveyard and dug a hole.
“Dust to dust and all that other stuff,” I said. “Rest in peace ole girl.”
The ducks sat around the grave for the rest of the night and into the next morning.
I wandered towards the water and saw no evidence of the beast that had killed my momma duck and her babies. The scavengers had done their job and disposed of the fresh kill. The ducks had returned to the water and began rebuilding their nests. 
As I sat in my chair under the giant oak tree and life carried on.


  1. That would be one interesting morning! And those are some ferocious ducks :)

  2. Ducks are not as bad as Canadian geese but I wouldn't want to see either of them riled up. They can be downright vicious. Of course, then there's the megafauna duck creature that actually had big, sharp teeth and was quite the imposing figure!

  3. Flash fiction is a great idea. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. An interesting read, makes you want to know what happens next. A-Z