Friday, February 4, 2011

More Glee Twitter Fanfic

“I Kissed a Girl,” Brittany said confessed with #Glee. “Did you like it?” Artie asked. “Yes, but We're Going to be Friends,” she answered.

Coach Beiste whispered, “I Need You Now.” Will wrapped his arms around her with #Glee and kissed her hungrily. She woke up, Alone Again.

“Stay,” Rachel said. “I can't, She's My Ride Home,” Finn said. Santana waved to them with #Glee. “I love you,” she sobbed. “Goodbye Rachel.”

“Here I Am,” Kurt said with #Glee. Karofsky pushed him against a locker then kissed Kurt again. “I Think I Love You.” Kurt woke screaming.

Sue watched the #Glee club with contempt. “Put Your Dreams Away,” she said as she plotted their demise. “I will not be made a fool again.”

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