Thursday, February 3, 2011

Glee Fanfic for Twitter

I couldn't sleep last night so I sat in bed and wrote up some Twitter fanfic in anticipation of the new Glee episode on Sunday.

Rachel rushed past me with #Glee, singing “Crush.” I looked around nervously. I hope she isn't crushing on me; I don't look good in Slushee!

Artie rolled up to Brittany and pulled her on his lap with #Glee. She whispered, “I Want Your Sex.” He grinned, "Baby One More Time.”

Puck pulled Santana into the janitor closet. He smiled with #Glee as she dropped to her knees. “Babe, you're a "Teenage Dream" come true.”

Kurt invited Blaine over to practice a duet for #Glee club. Blaine fell asleep. Kurt whispered, “Sweet Dreams” then kissed him good night.

Finn acted “Like a Virgin” with Rachel. Santana laughed with #Glee when she found out. “Finn? A virgin? “Dream On”!” Now he's single again.

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