Friday, December 24, 2010

Fairy Tales Retold in Six Words

Ernest Hemingway said a great story could be written using just six words. He followed up on his claim and came up with the following story: For sale: baby shoes, never worn. Amazing the imagery that is provoked with so few words.

There's a web site where they post six word stories and I submitted my first try, a retelling of a favorite childhood story: Breadcrumbs gone. A candied-house. Sweet salvation?

Can you guess what it is? Yep! Hansel and Gretel!

It got me to wondering about other fairy tales. Could others be retold in six words and have the reader still know what the story is? Here are my attempts. How many can you get? Can you think of other stories I missed? In the comments, leave your attempts. In a few days I'll post the answers to my stories and my guesses on your stories.

Jealous rage. Poisoned apple. Princely kiss.

Visiting grandma. Deceptive wolf. Huntsman savior.

Wendy’s fantasy. Neverland journey. Escaping Hook.

Pricked finger. Endless sleep. Beloved’s kiss.

Mistreated, unloved. Magical ball. Princely love.

Enchanted castle. Scary beast. Belle’s love.

Unhappy princess. Leggy wish. Prince’s kiss.

House building. Strong winds. Boiled wolf.

Lost girl eats porridge. Scary bears.

Tricky tailors. Naked king. Lesson learned.

Wooden boy. Lying nose. Whale’s tale.

Feathery birth. Bullied childhood. Beautiful swan.

Thumb-sized girl. Mole husband. Winged Maia.

Prince’s test. Hidden pea. Bruised awakening.


  1. I think I got them all - really creative.

  2. They could use work as they're not really sentences but that's how most of the people writing six word stories are doing it.