Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Career Changes

Jiizo pulled his trench coat around his tall, muscular body as he ducked into a doorway. “Who’s idea was it to save the citizens of Paragon City in the freaking rain?” he muttered, shaking the water from his thick black hair.

“Help! They’re kidnapping me!” a woman screamed.

With a sigh, Jiizo zipped across the street and down the block to the where the scream had come from. The signs of the Skulls gang were impossible to miss. It looked like the work of Wrack and his crew.

“How he’d get out already?” Jiizo wondered as he headed towards their hideout. He paused when he saw an ice cream truck drive past. “I’d be so happy with that gig,” he thought then crashed through the door.

He beat up Wrack’s crew with ease, and then came face to face with leader. Jiizo quickly arrested him and called in for backup from Portal Corp to clean up the others while he escorted the victim out into the rainy night.

Two weeks later, Jiizo was full of smiles as he straightened his new white uniform and donned his hat.

“Who would like some ice cream?”

© December 21, 2010

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