Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Nothing Changes

Molly sat on the edge of the dock, looking down at the ice. It reminded her of the frosted glass on classroom windows at school that hid her pain and humiliation from the outside world. The 13 year old pulled her cell phone out of her backpack and typed, "I can't take the fat jokes anymore. Goodbye."

She stared at the message as tears filled her eyes. Molly selected Facebook and her parents from her contacts then clicked send. The “message sent” notification appeared and she closed the phone, setting back in her bag.

Molly took a deep breath as she slid off the dock until her feet touched the ice. She could hear it crackling under her but Molly ignored it as she slowly skated across the ice.

"The ice is too thin! Come back!" a man called from the shore. She pretended not to hear him.

There was a loud crack and the ice beneath her parted to reveal the frigid water below. Molly moved closer to the hole and her weight caused it to open wider.

More people were calling to her now and she could hear the hum of a helicopter approaching. Molly focused on the opening, ignoring their pleas.

Suddenly there was another crack and Molly cried out as she disappeared with a large splash. She froze almost instantly and her body bobbed lifelessly in the water. The rescue team in the helicopter pulled her out and rushed her to the hospital. Molly was pronounced dead on arrival.

Her hecklers laughed when they saw her in the casket. The director quickly escorted them outside. They spotted a fat girl walking down the street and started making fun of her. The director shook his head as he watched. "Nothing changes," he said then closed the door.

© March 30, 2011

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