Friday, January 14, 2011

Womb for Hire

“I want my money,” she screamed as a new contraction started.

“Very soon dear,” he replied.

Janet screamed as another contraction hit her, pushing the baby out with what little strength she had left. The baby’s cries filled the room as the doctor cut the umbilical cord, then handed her to a nurse to clean.

“Ouch!” the nurse cried as the baby bit her finger.

She hungrily sucked the nurse’s blood until the doctor pried the finger away. He immobilized the baby’s head as another nurse finished cleaning her, ignoring her crying demands for food. Then the nurse wrapped the baby in a blanket.

“Take your blood sucker and get out!” The doctor held the baby towards the man standing in the shadows.

“The money has been transferred, enjoy the feast,” the vampire said then grabbed the baby and vanished into the night.

Janet lunged towards the doctor, fangs bared. She needed replenishing now that she was free from the blood sucker. Her teeth sunk into his neck and she greedily drained his blood.

Janet let his body fall to the floor then looked at the nurse. “Time for dessert!”

© January 14, 2011

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