Monday, January 17, 2011


Donald hated being an intern at the observatory. All he did was flip through pictures of Rhea, one Saturn’s moons, to see if anything changed. Nothing ever did.

He closed the slideshow viewer halfway through and was about to sign off when he noticed something in the last few thumbnails on the screen. Something was moving across the frame.

Donald opened the picture then zoomed in. It was the strangest creature he'd ever seen. He flipped through the pictures and saw it moving across the landscape until it was in the center of the frame.

The creature looked at the camera. It was tall and slim, stood on two thick legs and had two skinny arms with thin-striped skin. It had a single eye in the middle of its forehead, a carrot-shaped nose that moved around like an elephant’s trunk and a small mouth.

It turned, revealing a second eye, and bent over, displaying its ass for a few pictures. The creature looked back at the camera and looked like it was laughing. Then it was gone.

Donald burst out laughing. He’d just witnessed the first intergalactic mooning.

© January 17, 2011

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