Monday, October 13, 2014

A Hostile Take Over

    "What's the news on Project Acquisition Earth?" Commander Smraelth asked as he gazed on the distant planet.
    "The religious zealots we placed there have been quite effective, especially the Republicans in the United States. They've torn down nearly all the environmental controls, increased poverty and reduced health care thus weakening their populace. They've segregated nearly all non-white, heterosexuals so they have no willpower or desire to fight," Officer Theulla reported.
    "They've destroyed most of the infrastructure of the government. The military is strong for a ground or air fight but their space program will be dismantled enough for them not to be able to oppose us. I estimate less that in less than two earth years they will be completely unable to launch a defense against us."
    "Excellent! Your undertaking of learning earthling culture has paid off and your recommendations seem to be working very well. If the take over goes to plan, I will personally make sure you get a giant promotion and your choice of earth real estate when the dust settles."
    "Thank you Commander!"
    "Dismissed," Commander  Smraelth said then focused the telescope so he could see the earthlings as they moved about then licked his lips. His stomach rumbled in response to seeing his favorite delicacy.
    He picked up the phone and called the kitchen. "Do we still have any earthling left in the freezer?"
    "Yes, Sir. There are five or six full bodies left from last month's hunting expedition."
    "Wonderful! I want earthling soup for dinner tonight."
    "Very well, Sir."
    The commander hung up and turned off the telescope then sat back in his chair, smiling smugly. He loved it when a plan came together.

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