Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Sacrifice

The earth rumbled and everything in the house wobbled as the thirteenth earthquake of the week hit the small village. "Those damned earth trolls," Bonnie exclaimed as she watched the family pictures on the walls sway, coming dangerously close to falling off their hooks.

"I hope today’s sacrifice works," Joey replied without looking up from his newspaper.

"Me, too. I'm getting tired of their demands. The last five fairies were perfectly good. Fussy bastards!" Bonnie said then went back to her knitting.

Later that afternoon, everyone in the village gathered around the square. A jeweled gilded cage with a beautiful fairy inside was placed before the altar. Her wails could be heard for miles. The high priestess called on the gods to bless the offering then beseeched the earth trolls to accept their gift. Everyone waited with bated breath.

Suddenly the ground rumbled and opened, swallowing the fairy and cage then closed again. The crowd cheered and celebrated then headed home to make dinner. Their homes were safe ... for now.

Prompt: Bonnie, wobbled, tired

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