Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Rnth, the world leader of Hynonth, saw that his constituents were in need of a harvestable source for replacement body parts as well as a new food source. He asked his best scientists to go out and find a planet that could sustain a similar ecosystem filled with lots of green plant-life.

Zorgflub was one of the scientists assigned to the project. He examined the planets throughout the universe and pinpointed 3AR7H, a small planet 400 million light years away, as a candidate. Zorgflub zipped through a worm tunnel to the planet to begin his investigation.

He scooped up a handful of the 3AR7H’s soil and examined it. “The growth material is similar to our own and is suitable,” he noted in his journal. Then Zorgflub tested the nearby water, checking its chemical make-up and for any impurities. “The liquid material is suitable for growth,” he recorded, swaying as the wind blowing across the virgin soil. “There are adequate light and weather conditions to support life here.”

In his final report, Zorgflub stated, “3AR7H has the proper growth material and liquid sustenance for plant life in addition to adequate light and temperature conditions. Recommendation: Introduction of liquid-based plants to create an oxygen-based environment followed by full seeding of plants and trees. Once these environment regulators have been establish, the materials to create harvestable clones and food supply can be implanted. Estimated time of completion: thirty Hynonth years.”

3AR7H was chosen and Zorgflub was put in charge of the project. After relocating to the planet and setting up primitive housing in the middle of a large landmass that he’d identified as the most fertile area, he systematically planted vegetation in the water then as the ecosystem changed he started growing vegetation on land, including grasses, flowers, trees and vegetables.

With the oxygen-rich environment ready, Zorgflub introduced the beginnings for carbon-based species into the oceans. He guided the evolution of the various species, tweaking the DNA as needed to grow the strongest specimens.

At the end of thirty Hynonth years, 3AR7H was thriving. Zorgflube renamed the planet Earth to make it easier for the intellectually advanced species to say. In his final report before returning home, Zorgflub said, “Earth will be ripe for harvesting within ten years. Ongoing guidance will be needed to help the homo sapiens develop. I recommend constant oversight from the Guidance Over Development group until they become sufficiently advanced. Prognosis: Positive.”

Word Prompt: flowers, swaying, green

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