Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pollution Control

Uxhushi landed his spaceship on Uranus. The door opened and he was met with the most malodorous smell he’d ever experienced. Uxhushi nearly threw up as he held his nose and ventured out onto the tarmac. He wished he’d remembered his oxygen tank!

He headed for the main airport building. Adverts for broccoli were all over the walls and all the commercials displayed on the TV screens expounded its value through singing and dancing. Every concession booth offered the green vegetable from fried to boiled to baked and covered with cheese, butter and other sauces.

Nhru, his business contact, met him at the airport entrance. They quickly exchanged pleasantries then got in Nhru’s vehicle. They passed a sign that said, “Three servings of broccoli a day keeps the doctor away.”

“I have to ask, what’s with the broccoli?”

“There was a depletion of gaseous fumes in our atmosphere. People and animals were getting sick and no one could figure it out. A study done by our scientist showed that it was the lack of fumes causing the problems and it was determined that the best way to maintain the level of those gaseous fumes was from farts produced by eating broccoli. So now it is a world-wide law that every resident eat at least three servings of broccoli a day and fart outside to maintain the levels.”

Nhru opened the window and let one rip.

“That’s digusting!” Uxhushi exclaimed as he nearly vomited again.

“Better that than being dead.”

Moral: Eat your vegetables.

Word Prompt: broccoli , malodorous, dancing (to dance)

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