Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Zombies: The Opera

Caitlin and Karen walked across the foggy stage. As they passed the cemetery, the music grew creepy and a zombie started singing, "Br-ains! Br-ains! Brrr-ains!"

The girls screamed and it chased them into an alley. "Help us please! Won’t someone save us?" the girls sang, the music growing intense. "We don't want to become zombies; we wanna grow up to be mommies!"

Jesse jumped up out of the dumpster carrying a baseball bat. The music turned heroic as he sang, "Pick on someone your own size! Or I'll turn you into mush.”

The music began to crescendo. "Br-ains! Br-ains! Brrr-ains!" sang the zombie, lunging for Karen. It was about to bite her head when James appeared at the alley entrance and shot it in the head. The zombie teetered.

"Don't forget to double tap," James sang then shot the zombie again. The orchestra played triumphant music as the girls thanked their heroes with kisses and the curtain closed. A standing ovation followed.

The next night The Zombie News ran a review: "Zombies: The Opera had a mindless plot with soulless music. If I were alive, I’d have been bored to death. Stay in your crypts, it isn’t worth the trip.”

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