Saturday, April 23, 2011

High Stakes

"All in," Anna bets, her voice emotionless, after she looks at her cards—a pair of twos. Her flesh-rotted hands push her chips across the green table.

"$127,950 to call," the dealer says.

Jeremy, Chris and Ian fold. David checks his cards—two kings.

Anna smiles at him flirtatiously and winks. A brainless zombina, she often forgot she was no longer a sex kitten.

"Call," he says, not swayed by her tactics. Anna reveals her cards; David smiles as he reveals his kings.

The dealer lays down a two, king and three on the flop then a four on the turn.

"Let's make this interesting," Anna suggests. "If I win, you let me gnaw on your brain. If you win, you can take me back to your room."

He'd always wondered what sex with a zombie would be like and with only one possible out, it was as close to a sure thing as he could get.

"You’re on," David agrees.

The dealer sets one card to the side the flips over the river card. A two.

"How did you do that?" David demands.

"Lady Luck," she answers with a smile then walks around the table to collect her winnings.

© April 23, 2011

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