Thursday, January 31, 2013


Larry the dandelion was very unhappy plant. He was the only one of his kind in the backyard and he often felt out of place. He wished he could get away from there.

The loquacious daisies and irises didn’t help him feel better. “I wish they’d take that Larry away,” the daisies would say.

“He’s so ugly,” the irises would complain every day.

One day a rabbit hopped into the yard. He listened to the plants then turned to Larry. “Would you like to get away from this?”

Larry jumped at the chance. “Yes, please! Take me away!”

The rabbit pulled on Larry as the plants cheered him on. With one last tug, the rabbit freed Larry from the ground.

As the rabbit was jumping away with the dandelion in his mouth, Larry realized his blunder. The daisies and irises laughed.

“Don’t worry,” the rabbit said to Larry. “They’re dessert.”

Moral of the Story: Watch what you wish for.

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