Friday, January 18, 2013

Lessons in Pet Ownership

"Oh my gosh!" Janie squeed as she pulled away from her mother. She pressed her face against the window.

"We don't have time for this," her mother replied. She reached out for her daughter's hand to pull her away from whatever had caught her seven year old daughter's attention. "We need to hurry."

"Please, please, please can we get one?" Janie begged.

Her mother looked up and cringed. Janie was going ga-ga over a litter of multi-colored Martian babies looking incredibly adorable.

"Do you remember what happened with the last alien we got?" her mother asked. She shuddered as she thought back to that day nearly a year ago.

Janie and her had been out grocery shopping and they had left two year old Harry with the babysitter. When they got home, the babysitter was gone and Spot, their young Neptunian was gnawing on what was left of Harry. They were all still going to therapy.

"These are Martians, Mom! Not a nasty Neptunian. These aliens are so sweet and cute," Janie argued. It was clear she had fallen in love with them.

"We don't have time to take care of an alien, and we're late ..."

"Dr. Smeggle said it was a good idea."

"We'll talk about it later. Can we please go now?"

"Pinky promise?" Janie asked as she held oui her pinky.

"Pinky promise," her mother replied and wrapped her pinky around Janie's pinky then grabbed her hand.

Later that night, while Janie was getting ready for bed, her mother said, "I talked to Dr. Smeggle and your father. They both agree that you're ready for a new alien and the breed of Martian you saw would be a perfect pet."

"Yay! Thank you, Mommy!" Janie exclaimed. She threw her arms around her mother and hugged her tight.

"We can pick it up after school tomorrow."


"Time to get up Janie!" her mother called from the kitchen. "Janie! Are you awake?"

When Janie didn't answer, her mother went upstairs. There was no sign of her daughter.

"Pinkie, have you seen Janie?" she asked their pet Martian.

The alien smirked then glanced at the floor on the other side of the bed. Janie's mom walked around the bed and screamed. Her daughter's half eaten body was slumped on the floor.

"Don't be ... mad at ... Pinkie. I ... I forgot ... to ... to feed ... her," Janie explained in a raspy voice. And then she died.

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