Thursday, May 26, 2011

Twitter fiction

I focused the lens on my target. She was beautiful but oblivious as I waited for an embarrassing moment. Ahh, the life of the paparazzi.

I blew out the candles and made a wish. I smiled as a zombie hoard attacked my family. The inheritance I got was the perfect birthday gift.

I sat on the privy, the gun aimed at the door. I'd be safe here. I felt a tickle then the probe. "Argh!" There's no escaping damned aliens.

"We're free!" cried the guppies. They swam into the deep water, oblivious to the turtle until he lunged at them from under the rock. "Nom!"

Dan circled X-70. He realized how the planet was named: it was like stepping into a disco filled with green-skinned aliens during the 1970s.

He stalks me in my dreams. Trying to bribe me with all the things I want so I'll stay. But I can't; I'm not ready. Death will have to wait.

Torrential rain falls, flooding the window sill. As I close it, I see the open car window. I run out, keys in hand. Soaked, I utter, "FML."

The groom ran off with the pastor. Stranded and devastated, she destroyed the flowers and the wedding cake then hung herself with her veil.

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