Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Mother’s Day Visit

I stood over my mother’s plot, the flowers I’d gotten her laid on the ground at my feet. I held a faded scrap of paper and a vial the voodoo man had given me. “Shake the contents of the vial over the grave three times then recite the poem,” I read.

I shook the contents of the vial then read, “Rise from the dead, sleepy head. Its time to rise from where you have lain. Rise from the dead, sleepy head. Your loved one wants to see you again.”

The earth shook, the soil parting as my mother’s skeletal body rose from the ground. She groaned angrily as she stood up, glaring at me.

I picked up the flowers and held them out to her, my hands shaking. “Happy Mother’s Day! I love you.”

She knocked them out of my hands and lunged at me. She grabbed my shirt as she tried to pull me close, her mouth opening to take a bite from my head.

“Go back to the earth, to your endless berth!” I quickly said as I pushed her backwards. The earth opened and swallowed her then closed over her body.

“See you again next year Mom.”

© May 7, 2011

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