Sunday, June 29, 2014


      The soft glow of the moon filtered through the clouds. Susand looked out the clocktower. In the street below she could see the zombie cannibals roaming the streets and the distant fires of the refugee camps.
     Next to her the cage rattled. Timmy, her baby, was awake and started to whimper. She slid him out and exposed her breast. He hungrily latched on and she watched him chew on it, biting her lip to keep from crying out. Timmy was soon done and she rocked him back to sleep then slid him back into the cage and covered the wound he left behind with makeshift bandages.
     She wistfully watched the fires for a few more minutes then closed her eyes. Maybe tomorrow she would find a vial of the elusive anti-zombie serum and cure her baby. Tomorrow. There was always tomorrow.

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