Wednesday, January 1, 2014

You're So Vain

"I knew I shouldn't have had the salad for lunch!" Jenny thought as she stepped away from David, her new super hot boyfriend. "I'll be back in a sec, I want to see if I can see Macy's from here," she fibbed as she tried not to show her teeth while she talked.

"Sure thing," he replied as he dropped quarters into the binocular machine.

Jenny crossed to the other side of the Observation Deck and pulled out her phone. She lined it up to take a selfie to see if she actually had lettuce stuck in her teeth or if she was being overly sensitive. She smiled really wide so she could see as many of her teeth as possible. click

She looked at the picture. Phew! No lettuce. Then she noticed something in the corner. "Hey David," she said as she turned around. "What do you think ..."

The meteor hit the Empire State Building before she could finish.

 Picture Prompt for the Story

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