Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Literary Transfers

“To be or not to be,” the Snarflack read from his electronic book reader. As he spoke, the word-erasing gem he held removed the words from all the “Hamlet” books. Every Snarflack did the same with other earthling books.

The Snarflacks had been forced from their planet by the rising temperatures and had chosen earth for their new home. Rather than attack with their superior weapons and destroy the planet, Grai, the Snarflack ruler, studied the earthlings and discovered they would be vulnerable to an attack as they grieved the loss of their literature—the elixir of their hearts and souls.

Grai monitored the attack. As the words disappeared from the last remaining book, the Snarflacks prepared by donning the transference gems their scientists had created. The earth’s climate was too oxygen-rich for the Snarflacks and they would die in less than 10 minutes if they didn’t transfer their soul into an earthling body.

The earthlings soon fell into a deep depression and became listless as they tried to go through their daily lives. Grai gave the command and billions of Snarflacks descended on the planet. The earthlings were too depressed to fight back as the Snarflacks used transference gems on the earthlings.

When the attack was complete, the Snarflacks celebrated their victory around the world by torching their former bodies then eating the charred body as they used word-replacing gems to transfer Snarflack literature into the empty earthling books before they, too, succumbed to the loss of the elixir of their hearts and souls.

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