Thursday, July 13, 2006


The heat of the Jacuzzi’s water eased the tension from my body and enveloped me in a warm watery hug. The light from the vanilla scented candle filled the room with a soft glow. Its gentle aroma penetrated my senses. I sighed trying not to think about the events of the day as I drifted off to sleep.


My eyes opened. I could see a yellow glob on the edge of the Jacuzzi. Bubbles were constantly popping and reforming on its back. Its front looked like soft and mushy. I gagged; the stench overwhelming the candle’s fragrance.

“Plop, plop.’

More ooze from the glob dropped into the water. Quickly, I pulled my feet away. My mind raced. I started to stand up and step out of the Jacuzzi but the glob slowly slid closer. I gagged again as the smell intensified.


Ooze landed on my hand, and I screamed. I dipped it into the water then brushed it against the Jacuzzi walls. The ooze held on and started to feed on my skin. Oh my god, it hurt.

I frantically dug at it with my long-manicured nails. It was unmovable. The pain was unbearable.

The flickering candle caught my attention.

I picked up the candle and held my hand over the flame. The fire licked at the ooze and slowly started to burn it. I screamed as the flame burned my skin, then gasped with relief when the ooze fell off.

The glob seemed to smile at me as it dropped more ooze into the water. I smiled back at it.

I moved the candle close to the glob, tipping it slightly so that the flame could flicker higher. It flinched and moved back. I followed it with the candle. The edges of the glob started to brown and harden. It suddenly leaned forward and drops extinguished the flame.

I grabbed the candle lighter. I flicked it on and held it close to the glob. It tried to move away but I had it cornered. I held the flame near the bottom of the glob and watched as the ooze dried up and hardened more. The glob tried to put the flame out again, but I was expecting it this time.

My breathing was ragged as the adrenaline flowed through my body. I forgot about the pain as I watched the glob cook in the flame. It wasn’t long before it was dead. I slumped into the water and stared at it.

The pain seeped back as I stared at the creature. I stepped out of the Jacuzzi and dried off. I applied ointment, wrapped my hand in gauze and popped a pain pill.

I slipped on my robe, then carefully pushed the glob’s remains into a plastic bag and tied it tightly. I put it in another bag before I placed them in a garbage can outside. I dragged my weary body to my bedroom and collapsed on the bed.

The pain medicine had started to numb my brain as I said to myself, “That’s the last time I’ll leave leftovers in the fridge!”

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